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We Care About Your Car

Collision Safety Consultants is a team of licensed automotive inspectors; we offer professional services at no hidden or extra charges. We know that your vehicle is essential to you, and we understand how heartbreaking and frustrating being involved in an accident can be. So, this why we are here to help you with your auto claims process from the beginning to the end. We can suggest reputable auto repair shops, inspect the quality of your car after repair, and also file for diminished value to help you regain the value your vehicle lost after being involved in an accident.

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What We Do

Oklahoma's Post-Collision Repar Inpectors and Diminished Value Experts

Diminished Value Evaluation

Total-Loss Assistance

Pre-Purchase vehicle inspection

Post-Repair Inspection

Claim Assistance

Court Appearance

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We Are Oklahoma's Post-Repair Inspectors and Diminished Value Experts.



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