Appraisal Clause

If your insurance company is refusing to pay for the proper repairs to your vehicle, we can help.

We can bridge the gap between what an insurance company will pay for and what a repair shop charges.

Is the insurance company's estimate lower than your repair shop's estimate?

It is a too common scenario after an accident where the body shop calculates an estimate for the proper repairs to a damaged vehicle, and the insurance company produces an estimate or appraisal that is several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars short.

This shortage might cause some body shops to eat the difference, or the shop may cut corners to stay profitable.

How can i ensure the insurance company covers the cost of repairs?

Shop Choice

Choose a shop who you trust and preferably a shop that is certified by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

File a complaint

If the insurance company is not treating you fairly you should file a formal complaint with the Oklahoma Insurance Commission.



One option file suit against the person who hit you. Most of these cases are in small claims and an attorney is not necessary.

Appraisal Clause

Another option is to invoke the appraisal and hire an independent appraiser to handle the discrepancy.

Appraisal Clause Process

Hire an appraiser

First, hire a competent independent appraiser to calculate the value of your vehicle.

Inform your insurer

Inform your insurer in writing that you are invoking your right to an appraisal and who you have hired.

We handle the rest

We will work with your insurance company's appraiser to come to an agreement on the value of your vehicle.

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