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Leveraging your right to appraisal

Appraisal Clause

Collision Safety Consultants of Oklahoma can help you utilize the appraisal clause to recover the amount the insurance company refuses to pay for in a collision claim.

What is the appraisal Clause

The appraisal clause allows you, the policyholder, to demand an appraisal of the loss when there is a disagreement.

Each party selects a competent and unbiased appraiser to evaluate the amount of the loss independently. 

A neutral umpire is also selected to determine the correct amount of the loss if the two appraisers cannot agree.

Appraisal Clause

When to use


How Can the Appraisal Clause Help Me?

Appraisal Clause

If your insurance company is refusing to pay for the proper repairs to your vehicle, the appraisal clause might help.

You do not have to accept what the insurance company is telling you, and your policy provides options to you at your disposal.

We can bridge the gap between what an insurance company will pay for and what a repair shop charges by using your right to appraisal.

Your insurance policy likely has an appraisal clauseContact us for a free consultation to see if we can assist in your claim.

Appraisal Clause

Appraisal Clause Process

Hire an appraiser

First, hire a competent independent appraiser to calculate the value of your vehicle. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Inform your insurer

Inform your insurer in writing that you are invoking your right to an appraisal and who you have hired.

We handle the rest

We will work with your insurance company's appraiser to come to an agreement on the value of your vehicle.

Options to get your claim paid

Shop Choice

You have the right to choose the shop of your choice and cannot be required to travel an unnecessary distance for an estimate. Click the icon above for a breakdown of statute by state.

File a complaint

A third option is to file a formal complaint with the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Click the icon above for a direct link to the Oklahoma Insurance department complaint form.

Appraisal Clause


One option file suit against the person who hit you. Most of these cases are in small claims and an attorney is not necessary. Oklahoma Small claims includes any civil case under $10,000.

Appraisal Clause

A final option is to invoke the appraisal and hire an independent appraiser to handle the discrepancy. Can only be used in first party claims and always carries come risk.

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