Diminished Value

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Did you know that you could be entitled to thousands of dollars for the loss in value to your vehicle when the damage was at no fault of your own?

If your car was in an accident, it could negatively affect the value of your vehicle when you choose to sell it. This loss of value is known as diminished value.

Oklahoma law states that you may claim the depreciation of value to your vehicle after an auto accident.

Diminished value is part of the Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instruction. The statute of limitation on diminished value claims in Oklahoma is two years. 

Even if your car displays no obvious damages, it may still suffer inherent diminished value, since you have a legal obligation to disclose that the vehicle was involved in an accident to any potential buyers. 

A vehicle that has never been in a crash may be worth $15,000 at resale but thousands less if it has been in an accident and repaired.

There is a way to make up the difference, and that is a diminished value claim. Diminished value insurance claims recover the difference between a car’s pre-accident value and its value after repairs.

What is Diminished Value?

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The Diminished Value Process

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