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At Collision Safety Consultants, our team of certified total loss claim appraisers can handle your total loss claim from beginning to end. Recover precisely what you are owed after a collision!

Let our team of certified appraisers help you with your total loss claim

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Relax and let us handle your claim

We are the only total loss claim appraiser service that handles every aspect of your claim. Others may provide only a report – we go above and beyond by submitting all documentation and negotiating a settlement. All you have to do is accept payment.

Higher Payout garauntee

Insurance companies will often give you the lowest offer possible – but you don't have to accept this! As a total loss claim appraiser, we stand behind our certified appraisals and guarantee we can help you with your claim before you ever hire us. If we can't recover a higher settlement, you owe us nothing.

Certified appraisers

With over 40 years of combined experience, our certified appraisers are ICar platinum trained physical damage assessors, ASE certified damage analysts, and IACP certified automotive appraisers.

Oklahoma's Total Loss Claim Experts

Collision Safety Consultants of Oklahoma can help you recover your vehicle’s actual cash value or fair market value. It is essential for a total loss claim appraiser to be more familiar with total loss law and the vehicle market in Oklahoma, and we excel in both of these areas. Don’t be fooled by the competition who only offer a small part of the service we provide – we fight for you to ensure you are paid what you are actually owed. 

Our proven method has been acknowledged by Oklahoma courts as well as various insurance companies. Contact us today to get your FREE total loss evaluation.

How do I know if I am getting a fair offer?

Insurance companies usually use one of two companies, CCCOne and Audetex Solutions, to evaluate your vehicle’s actual cash value. 

Insurance companies’ appraisals are frequently incorrect and do not reflect your car’s real cash value.

A qualified and certified total loss claim appraiser can ensure that you receive a fair offer. By reviewing your CCCOne or Audetex valuation, we can determine if you received a reasonable offer – and at Collision Safety Consultants, we’re happy to review your appraisal for free.

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