Are you concerned about the quality of repairs to your vehicle?

Have you been in an accident that’s required significant auto body repair to your vehicle? A post-repair inspection can help to ensure that your vehicle was completely repaired to manufacturers guidelines and specifications. 

Advanced technology in today’s vehicles has rapidly increased demand on repairers to repair collision related damage to manufacturer’s guidelines.

If your car was repaired due to a collision, you need to have your vehicle inspected to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Contact us to schedule your free inspection today.

Initial Post-Repair Inspections are Free of charge!

Post-Repair Inspection
Post-Repair Inspection

What is a post-repair inspection?


The repairs are inspected to ensure the vehicle will react as designed if involved in another collision.


We will inspect the quality of repairs in terms of fit, function, and finish. Any repair related diminished value is also addressed.

Manufacturer Specifications

The repairs are compared to the procedures provided by the manufacturer ensuring the vehicle was returned to pre-loss condition.

Why do I need a Post-repair inspection?

Insurance companies pressure many shops to turn out a high volume of quick, cheap repairs to make a profit. In the post-repair inspections we’ve performed, we find that a lot of corners get cut, and too many unsafe vehicles released back on the road. Ultimately this puts your safety at risk and reduces the value of your vehicle in repair related diminished value.

Post-repair inspection uncovers unsafe repairs

Any shop can make your car look nice on the outside, but is it safe?

Post-Repair Inspection

​Driving your family and friends in an unsafe car is not a situation you want to find yourself in, especially if you have another accident.

Repairs that follow manufacturer repair procedures is the only way to ensure that the vehicle will perform as it was designed and that it has been restored to pre-accident safety standards.

We have the expertise to ensure your vehicle was repaired the right way.

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