Tulsa Post-Repair Inspection

We ensure your safety by examining your vehicle after it’s been repaired from an accident.

Your Safety Is A Priority

A post-repair inspection is conducted after a vehicle has been repaired at an auto body shop. The purpose of the inspection is to determine whether the repairs were done to the original manufacturer’s specifications and to maintain the value of the vehicle.

A third party is usually used to conduct this inspection, not the auto body shop’s inspector. During this inspection, technicians look for hidden defects, improper rust protection, alignment problems, and anything else they deem unsafe.

A post-repair inspection is crucial to ensure that repairs have been completed correctly. This is especially important if your car was damaged by another vehicle, as it may not be in the best condition. It’s for your safety. We perform FREE  initial post-repair inspections. Contact us today!

Post-Repair Inspection

What is a post-repair inspection?


Your vehicle repairs are inspected to make sure that it will be fully functional in case you ever got into another accident.


We address all fit, function, and finish repairs to ensure quality.

Manufacturer Specifications

We compare the repairs to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the procedures were restored to its pre-loss state.

Post-repair inspection uncovers unsafe repairs

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