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Body Damage Estimate

Is the insurance company's estimate lower than your shop's estimate?

It is a too common scenario after an accident where the body shop calculates an estimate for the proper repairs to a damaged vehicle, and the insurance company produces an estimate or appraisal that is several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars short.

This shortage might cause some body shops to eat the difference, or the shop may cut corners to stay profitable.

What can I do to make sure the insurance company pays for the proper repairs to my vehicle?

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable shop certified by the manufacturer to repair your vehicle properly. If the insurance company refuses to pay for the repairs, one option would be to consult an attorney and file suit.

Another Method to bridge the gap between the costs of a safe and quality repair and what the insurance company will pay for is the appraisal clause.

The appraisal clause, or right to appraisal, is found in most auto insurance policies. It gives customers a method to dispute the estimate provided by their insurance company when their vehicle has been damaged or totaled. 

Appraisal Clause Process:

  1. Policyholder invokes the appraisal clause that sets in motion an arbitration process.
  2. Each party (the policyholder and the insured) must select a competent, independent appraiser.
    1. Each party names their chosen appraiser.
  3. The two appraisers attempt to agree on a resolution. If the two appraisers reach an agreement, it will be legally binding.
    1. If the two cannot agree, then they select an umpire. Each party splits the cost of the umpire, and the umpire will choose between the two appraiser’s valuations. The umpire’s decision will be legally binding.

Collision Safety Consultants can help you in the appraisal clause process. We can help to recover what is owed

The Appraisal Clause Process

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