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Have you Been in an Accident.

If you have been in an accident Collision Safety Consultants of Oklahoma is here to help. We offer a wide number of services to ensure that you get what is owed after a collision.


What We Do

We are Oklahoma's leading source on collision repair and safety.


Diminished Value Claim

We can help recover the money the insurance company owes you for your vehicle's loss of value.

If you are trying to sell your vehicle after a collision repair, the buyer will not be willing to pay the same amount they would pay for a vehicle that has never been in an accident. So this means there is a loss in equity in your vehicle. This loss in value is what your insurance company owes directly to you. However, insurance companies tend to reduce the amount of diminished value, and this is where we come in to help.

We can help recover the money the Insurance Company owes you for your vehicles loss of value!


Total-Loss Appraisal

If your vehicle has been declared a total-loss we can help to recover the full value of your vehicle.

In insurance, a total loss is referred to as a final judgment by the insurer, which means that the lost value of a vehicle or the costs for repairing is above the value of the insurance policy. However, when you find yourself in this situation, do not settle for what the insurance company is offering you. They are not on your side when it comes to payment, and there are chances that they are offering lesser than they owe you. So, fight for your right, and hire a personal total loss appraiser.

If your vehicle has been declared a Total Loss, Collision Safety Consultants can help you recover the full value of your Vehicle!

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right to appraisal

We can help you recover the difference from the insurance company and body shop estimate.

Too many people find themselves in a common scenario after an accident where the body shop calculates an estimate for the proper repairs to a damaged vehicle, and the insurance company produces an estimate or appraisal that is several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars short. Some body shops may eat the difference, while some shops may cut corners to stay profitable. Another method is to file suit or a short-pay claim. The appraisal clause can be a useful tool to resolve the claim.

Collision Safety Consultants can help you in utilizing your right to appraisal to bridge the gap between the cost of a proper repair and what the insurance company is willing to pay for.


Post-Repair Inspection

We are Oklahoma's Post-Collision Repair Inspectors.

Post Repair inspections are highly necessary if you want to ensure the safety of your vehicle after a collision repair. We would advise a post-repair inspection to ensure quality repairs where done that meets the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. 

Collision Safety Consultants of Oklahoma can inspect your vehicle to ensure the repair was performed to manufacturer specifications.


Expert Witness

Our certified appraisers have over 40 years combined experience.

If there is a lawsuit after the occurrence of an accident, it is definitely due to the fact that there is a  dispute about some issues between two parties. So the account given by each party will play an essential role in determining who ends up paying the repair costs, and the amount to be paid.

The attorney will also ask other people that are knowledgeable about the accident to give their deposition as well. So, these depositions help the attorney to determine how the accident indeed happened, without relying on the account from the two parties alone.

Need an expert witness for an accident case? Collision Safety Consultants have over 40 years of experience in Vehicle Evaluation!


Free Consultation

We offer free consultations to ensure our services are a fit for you.

Our expert evaluators and consultants are willing and available to provide you with direct and straightforward answers and advice to whatever concerns you might have. We offer consultations to:

  • The repair process after an accident
  • Total Loss claims
  • If you think or want your vehicle to be totaled.
  • Claims about diminished value
  • …and any other aspect involved in your auto damage

Free Consultation and evaluation

Contact us today to see how Collision Safety Consultants can help you.

Service Pricing

Diminished Value Service

Complete DV Solution
$ 500
  • $200 retainer required to start.
  • We handle the entire claim
  • Guaranteed Results.

Diminished Value Report

Report Only
$ 300
  • DV Report
  • Industry Accepted Report
  • Claims Assistance


Total Loss Appraisal
$ 400
  • $200 retainer required to start.
  • Negotiation of Settlement
  • Guaranteed Results


$ 300
  • Appraisal
  • Estimate Included
  • Guaranteed Results


Inspection and Report
$ 0
  • Free Visual Inspection
  • Fees Vary on findings
  • Ensure Safe Repairs

Estimate & Consultation

Case Discussion and Recommendation
$ 0
  • Visual Inspection
  • Estimate Review
  • Claim Review
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