Total-loss assistance

Ensuring you are paid what is owed.

Total Loss

Is the insurance company paying you what your car is worth?

The insurance company’s offer for a vehicle that is a total loss is often less than satisfactory.

Luckily your insurance policy gives you the right to an independent appraisal. This right to an appraisal is also known as the appraisal clause.

How do I invoke the appraisal clause?

  1. Hire an independent appraiser to provide a report as to the vehicle’s fair market value.
  2. Report who you have hired to the insurer.
    1. The insurance company then must hire an independent appraiser.
  3. The two independent appraisers work to come to an agreed-upon value.
    1. If the two appraisers cannot reach an agreement of value. The appraisers then select an umpire who decides between the two appraiser’s valuations.

More often than not, the appraisers can reach an agreement.

When trying to reach a fair value claim with your insurance company, it will be necessary to get an independent appraisal.

Collision Safety Consultants total loss auto appraisal research utilizes current market comparables to assist in determining the value of your auto before its loss.

We consider your vehicle’s unique characteristics and provide you with our professional findings by a certified auto appraiser.

Collision Safety Consultants is happy to assist you in reaching a fair claim settlement cost-effectively by obtaining a certified car appraisal.

We will discuss the estimate of your vehicle’s value before the loss or call us today for more information at 918-409-0286.

The Appraisal Clause Process

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