Is the insurance company paying you what your car is worth?

The insurance company’s offer for a vehicle that is a total loss is often less than satisfactory.

Luckily your insurance policy gives you the right to an independent appraisal. This right to an appraisal is also known as the appraisal clause.

Total Loss

Recover your vehicles value

Through the appraisal clause or right to appraisal, we can recover the actual cash value for your vehicle. The process is quick and painless. Contact us today to see how much you could be owed.

Why Collision Safety Consultants?

No one understands the local vehicle market like we do. Our certified appraisers can get you the value of your vehicle from the insurance company quickly and painlessly.

Certified Appraisers

We are IACP certifieda appraisers and I-Car platinum individuals.


Our appraisers consider your vehicles unique characteristics.


If we don’t recover an amount greater than our fee, than you owe us nothing.

Appraisal Clause Process

Hire an appraiser

First, hire a competent independent appraiser to calculate the value of your vehicle.

Inform your insurer

Inform your insurer in writing that you are invoking your right to an appraisal and who you have hired.

We handle the rest

We will work with your insurance company's appraiser to come to an agreement on the value of your vehicle.

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