Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Appraisals

Questions About Vehicle Appraisals? Read Below!

No matter how little the damages sustained by your car is, it is always advisable to report every case of accident to the police. Then, contact your insurance company. If you then contact Collision Safety Consultants of Oklahoma, we may recommend trusted shops in the area that can help you repair your vehicle, and also carry out a post-repair inspection on your car to be sure that the repair was done in accordance with OEM standards.

This varies greatly depending on the damage sustained by the vehicle during the accident, the quality of the repair carried out on the car and the number of separate accidents to the car. A car that sustained significant damages during a crash will have signs of repair that can be easily seen, even after receiving the highest quality of repair possible.

Diminished Value is the amount by which the market value of a vehicle reduces due to being damaged and subsequently repaired.

There are three types of Diminished Value: Inherent, Repair-Related, and Insurance-Related.

  • Inherent Diminished Value assumes pristine repair quality and is the amount by which the value of a vehicle has reduced because it has a damage history.
  • Repair-Related Diminished Value includes any additional reduction in cost inflicted by less-than-optimal (or downright fraudulent) repairs, including anything from cosmetic imperfections, like poor paint blending and sanding scratches, to major structural defects, like poor structural welds and improper frame repairs.
  • Insurance-Related Diminished Value is loss based on any remaining flaws, imperfections, and damages that the insurer neglected to address. When an insurer negotiates the settlement of an automobile damage claim, they typically provide an estimate of repairs, which outlines all specific procedures, parts, and materials that they are willing to pay to the claimant or insured. Insurers generally collect several repair quotes, from appraisers who follow the insurer’s guidelines and will sometimes pay based on the lowest estimate. The insurance companies can impose cost pressures that impose repairers to utilize inferior techniques, with sub-quality parts, at reduced rates. This cost struggle can lead to improper repairs of the vehicle that do not follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations.

Several factors impact your vehicles diminished value such as the age of the car, mileage, the condition, the severity of damage, and the overall value of the vehicle The older the vehicle and the poorer its pre-loss condition, with a previous accident history and minor current damage, the less likely it is that you qualify for a Diminished Value claim. Call us today to discuss your case and see if your vehicle has suffered from Diminished Value.

Collecting diminished value from an insurance company can be a difficult, and lengthy process. You should consult the services of a professional Diminished Value claim specialist. The claims process will vary on a state-by-state and case-by-case basis. Although the concept of diminished value has long been recognized by many States legal system, insurance companies often attempt to avoid paying consumers for this legitimate damage. With our expertise, there are opportunities for you to collect the full amount of the Diminished Value of your repaired vehicle. Call us today!

Typically, a vehicle is considered a total loss when the repair cost will exceed 75% of the value of the vehicle, which refers to the total economic loss. In Oklahoma, the total loss threshold is 65% of the actual cash value of the vehicle.

YES. You have the right to say No to any assessed loss value offered by your insurance. Depending on the policy and laws of the state, provisions are usually made outlining the dispute or disagreement resolution process. And of course, before you can determine if the loss valuation of the insurance company is reasonable or not, you will need a personal appraisal for comparison.

If your car is totaled, you are owed the fair market value of the vehicle, sales tax, and title fees, minus your deductible if dealing with your insurance policy.

Most insurance companies use one of two outside valuation services that provide vehicle values to the insurance industry. You should ask for a copy of this report to make sure that it contains accurate information about your vehicle.

Our trained, professional vehicle adjusters, can help to get what you are owed. We will examine your vehicle, review your claim documents, and recommend services that get you expert results.

After you have read your policy and your claim has not been handled appropriately, you can submit a complaint to the Oklahoma Insurance Department by clicking here.

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